Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is WonderCore Smart designed to help with?
A: The WonderCore Smart will help you to tone your abs, tackle love handles easily and help you get cardio fit fast. Its compact design allows you to select the perfect resistance to make every workout effective for your level.

Q: What Exercises can I do?
A: In all it combines 6 great exercises for your core and great cardio workouts to give the ultimate total body shaping and toning work out.
1. Sit-ups/Crunches – Creates a flat stomach
2. AB Tucks – Works your waistline & thighs
3. Bridges – Great for your core, bum & thighs
4. Assisted Push Ups – Builds Strength, burns fat in the chest, shoulder & arms
5. Scissor Kicks – burns fat around the bum & thighs
6. Cycling – For fast, low impact, fat burning

Q: How does WonderCore® Smart work?
A: The secret is in WonderCore Smart's ingenious patented design. It has cleverly hidden interlocking springs & precision dials on each side so you can adjust resistance from 24 pounds to 48 pounds of resistance per side! The resistance supports you and helps you to work in BOTH directions on each & every rep, so you won’t waste time or effort! Your muscles will fire through the entire range of motion for you an amazing Total Core Workout! Whether you're big or small, young or old, with WonderCore Smart you can dial in the exact workout that you want!

Q: How do I adjust the resistance?
A: Simply twist the dial on either side towards the + sign to increase resistance, or twist the dial towards the – sign to reduce resistance.

Q: How long is the warranty on the Wondercore Smart?
A: The standard warranty on the Wondercore Smart is one year.

Q: I am not sure that I have space for equipment in my home?
A: It’s compact & easily folds up! So you can take it with you and get the workout that you want! Anywhere, any time! Another great thing about the WonderCore Smart is that you can store it just about anywhere!

Q: Can I use the Wondercore Smart if I have an existing medical condition?
A: We would recommend contacting your GP/Doctor to seek advice if you have any concerns about your fitness.

Q: I have purchased the Wondercore Smart - Twist Board but I am not sure how to use it?
A: For further information on how to make the most out of your Wondercore Smart - Twist Board, please see the following video link: Twist Board Video

Q: Is there a weight limit on the Wondercore Smart?
A: The maximum weight for a user of the Wondercore Smart is 264lbs / 18st 12lbs / 120kg.

Q: What is the maximum width of the seat?
A: The width of the seat is 44cm (18 inches)

Q: How much does the Wondercore Smart weigh?
A: Boxed Weight: 7 kg Unboxed Weight: 5.9 kg

Q: What are the dimensions of the Wondercore Smart?
A: Boxed: L 51.5 x W 55 x H 14 cm In Use: L 52 x W 55 x H 38 cm Folded: L 49 x W 55 x H 12 cm

Q: I've lost my manual. Is there an online version available?
A: Yes